Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy New Year

With 2010 behind us we are anxiously waiting to begin the 2011 bbq season.  The Pork in the Park BBQ Festival in Salisbury, Md is the unofficial start of the season for many teams in our area, and April 15th couldn't come quick enough.

I feel that before we dive into the new year, we should briefly recap 2010, as there were major changes that have brought us to where we are today.  The Gypsy and the Biker BBQ team is a merger between my Gypsy BBQ and Bob Caulford's Biker BBQ.  We have been friends for years and only live about a mile away from each other. While it was fun talking smack and competing against each other, it wasn't very practical.  Early on in the season we started traveling together and that did save us gas as well as wear and tear on two vehicles.  We however still paid separate entry fees with and average cost of $250.00, double the meat and garnish costs, as well as packing, unpacking and finally re-packing double the equipment each competition.  Anyone who has competed in a bbq competition knows how physically and emotionally draining the experience can be.  Combine that with the fact that we both operated as 1 man shows, doing all the prep work, cooking and finally presenting all 4 entries it became obvious that a change was needed.

The last 3 competitions of the season we competed as one team and man did it make a difference.  Less stress, less work, and most of all less cost was a welcome change.  I took care of everything for the ribs and pork, while Bob handled the chicken and brisket.

The 2010 season ended in September at the Que by the Sea BBQ Championship in Seaside Heights, NJ.  Competing as Biker BBQ we finished 5th in chicken, 7th in pork and 5th in brisket (yes, the ribs let us down) for an overall finish of 3rd place out of 47 top quality teams.

Determined to keep the momentum going we have been practicing and preparing for 2011 all winter long.  It is now time get this party started.....Look out here we come.

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