Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meet the team


Belford originally started the Gypsy BBQ team in 2008 and competed in several competitions in the Mid-Atlantic area.  Belford is responsible for the ribs and pork entries for the team.  The Gypsy idea arose from several sources, such as the way bbq teams are gyspies just by the fact that they set up at competitions, compete, pack up and move on to the next competiton.  Any one that really knows Belford will say that his love of Stevie Nicks had some influance on the name, and they are probably right.  Belford is a member of the KCBS, a KCBS certified Judge and a member of the MABBQA.


Bob started Biker BBQ in 2010 and competed  in the Mid-Atlantic area.  Bob's experiance in competition bbq started in 2008 where he assisted the Gypsy BBQ team until the formation of Biker BBQ.  Bob is responsible for the chicken and brisket entries for the team.  Bob's love of motorcycling in general and Harley-Davidson's in particular is the inspiration for the Biker name.  Bob is a member of the KCBS.


Spice Bob has been an assistant for both the Gypsy BBQ and Biker BBQ teams since 2008.  His previous experience in competition bbq was as an event organizer, organizing the King Pig bbq competition in 2007-08. Spice Bob's primary responsibility is to get the team's entries to the judges safely and on time.  He is also usually seen wandering around competitions talking with everyone and taking pictures of the event.  His help to the team is invaluble and he can be recognized by his black sider hat.

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